Wood Vs Metal Snare (DIY Project Download)

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Finding the Right Snare Drum Snare drums are easily one of the most significant changes a drummer can make regarding the sound of his or her kit. Wood VERSUS Metal! So if you’re a heavy metal player that wants a wood snare, you can be sure there are plenty more out there like you. Wood vs. Metal Snares!!! – posted in Chat: Recently I’ve been having problems with my snare drums.. I currently own two, a Gretsch catalina club 14×6 snare (that was in a flood, still sounds okay), and a Ludwig Epic 14×6 snare. Many drummers have marked preferences for either metal or wood snare drums, and usually stick to their preferences. Not all drummers, of course, because some drummers will select the right instrument for a specific venue or recording session.

wood vs metal snare 2I am partial to an old metal ludwig, and an old wood slingerland, both of medium thickness. The one thing I’m not really hip to are those thick wood snares that are in vogue. This is a constantly updated gallery of the best snare drums on the planet – from beginner and mid-priced wood or metal models to professional and high-end synthetic or custom-built beasts, there’s a snare here to suit every drummer and drumming style. The preference for wood or metal snares is purely subjective, and both possess attractive qualities, but broadly speaking metal-alloy drums amplify the instrument’s favorable characteristics. Before getting into the different alloys, let’s take a look at two factors that play into the tone of a metal drum: seamless- vs. hammered-shell construction and black-nickel or chrome plating.

Hi – I was wondering about wooden snares vs metal snares. I mean obviously there are good snares in both departments but in general – are wooden snares better than metal snares – especially in the low end?. I really wanted to get wood hoops top and bottom on my Chrome over Brass Supraphonic. But because of the price, i’m waiting a bit. You can find decently priced ones on ebay though. Since most drums are made of wood, the snare may be the only drum in a drum kit made from metal. Also, some snare drums and drum kits are made with a combination of wood types (hybrid shells) or with an exterior ply of a different wood selected for aesthetic reasons.

Snares- Metal Or Wood, Thick Or Thin?

wood vs metal drill bit 3Wood hoops vs Steel hoops. So, it’s a good idea to choose a wood hoop snare with an inner layer of a very hard wood to pull the ‘highs’ back up. The snare produces one hell of a rim shot. Birch is a very crisp sounding wood when used in a snare drum and should be used in applications where extra cut and presence is required. Steel snare drums have a very powerful cut and a very distinct rimshot sound, making it perfect for cutting through loud music. Metal shells are typically made of brass, steel, or aluminum with wood shells constructed from maple or birch. Most drum set snare drums have snappy steel snares stretched across the bottom of the head but cable snares are also available. Also, what’s your take on wood bodied snares vs. metal bodied snares. I’ve been told time and again that wood is better. Also, cymbal opinions? Please share. I have learned wood hoops on toms and BASS DRUMSdecrease resonance. Metal hoops on a BASS DRUM are the best thing you cando for shell resonance. I can’t theorize what wood rimsdo for snare drums. That can be easily seen by trying different rims, die-cast being the heaviest vs aluminum rims which are the lightest metal rims out, there is a noticeable difference in sound and length of sustain. No really, there isn’t a special reason, other than wood sounds nice. I mean, we’ve had a several hundred years to figure it out, right? Although there are some companies making drums out of plastic and metal, we will focus on wood. A 14 inch snare, with a depth of 5 and 1/2 inches would be notated as: 14×5-1/2 (5.5).

Wood Vs Metal Snare

I am curious about the differences between Nylon Tip and Wooden Tip. If you’re playing military or orchestral music, with lots of rolls, you’ll probably find a wooden stick rebounds better from the snare drum, making it easier to play. But as for sound Nylon is better for riding on cymbals and wood tips are better for tom rolls and the like, for metal style music wood tips tend to be used more frequently for blast beats and fast rolls. Usually metal snares are louder but when you are talking 40 ply vented then wood will be louder. It has been said that the lars ulrich brass bell snare is one of the loudest out there. As for edges, the rounded edge makes more contact of wood with the head, so it acts as a bit of a muffler. Do you have a rule of thumb regarding batter head choice on snares (wood vs metal, shallow vs deep)?