Wood Vs Metal Studs (DIY Project Download)

A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of framing with metal studs versus wood, plus some basic tips for working with metal framing. Comparing the cost of framing with steel studs versus wood. Much later update: Went with steel studs and spray foam. You can use thinner studs (it’s impossible to find straight 2×2’s in wood around here).

wood vs metal studs 2Considering the fact that there is a debate of metal vs wood studs, we are here to give you a comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons of using either wood or metal studs as framing materials. Is it easier and cheaper to build an interior wall from steel rather than wood studs? Sure, they’re cheaper but not always easier. Read 6 benefits for using metal studs and why they are are growing in popularity. Convenience: Metal wins here, according to Thumb and Hammer who write extensively on the subject of wood vs metal.

I have noticed commercial buildings constructed in my area use metal wall studs instead of wood. Some of the buildings are no more complicated than a single-story ranch house. Wooden studs have traditionally dominated residential building, but their steel counterparts are gaining popularity. See more home construction pictures. When it comes to strength of the stud you will use, the nod definitely goes to wood. Though, metal studs are strengthened by attaching drywall to them, they will not give you the strength you need to hang heavier objects on, such as cabinets or mirrors.

The Big Debate: Metal Studs Vs Wood Studs

wood vs metal studs 3When it comes to structural steel and metal stud vs. wood in commercial construction in Colorado, steel has the ability to span much larger distances. Pros VS Cons of either material. Personally, I love Wood. A steel stud wall loses more heat than a wood stud wall due to thermal short circuiting. As the supply of quality lumber diminishes, steel studs will replace their wood cousins more and more in home construction. You’ll like steel framing for the many advantages it has over wood: Steel studs are perfectly straight. I am looking for some info on the debate of wood studs vs metal studs. I already know the debates about not sorting lumber, straighter wall and lighter weight to carry in. So, then when do you use 2 1/2 vs. Combustible vs non-combustible. Any insulation you install between the studs is basically worthless, because of the thermal bridgingi through the studs — so you have to put all of your insulation on the exterior side of the wall. One further thought on steel vs. wood framing that probably should be mentioned in a green building context: the US construction lumber industry sequesters many thousands of tons of atmospheric carbon every year.

Building Question: Wood Vs. Metal Wall Studs

I’ll let Rod Gervais or others give you the final answer, but I’m pretty sure steel studs are better than wood. Not only for isolation, but they’re also fireproof. Hi All, We’ll be renovating our basement soon and are torn between wood vs metal studs. As some background, we bought the house 7 months ago and. I have done some very basic and limited wall framing with wood, but I am still very much a beginner. Wood is easy to work with, and while metal isn’t terribly hard, a novice DIYr will have much better results with wood. A true comparison of the benefits of using steel studs vs. wood studs or vice versa.