Wood Wicks Canada (DIY Project Download)

Our wicks are made from Atkins & Pearce braid and are clipped and tabbed by a leading US manufacturer. Please note – all our wicks are made from natural fibres and adhere to all U.S.A. and Canadian regulations regarding manufacturing of same. These wicks are made of wood and are two ply with a separate metal clip included. Wood Wicks. Reviewer: A viewer from Yukon, Canada 12/09/14. Welcome to WoodWickCandles.com, the home of the wooden wick candles that crackle when they burn.

wood wicks canada 2I have been fascinated with wood candle wicks since I first found out about them a couple years ago, but I had never ordered any to try until now. I bought the Medium and Large wood wicks to test out in my 8oz square mason jars. (Including some from Australia, Canada and UK). Looking for a a relaxing and romantic time. This candle with wood wick offers an exceptional combination of wonderful scent and a unique crackling wooden wick. Love the Maple Leaf Sweater – all the better to show my Canadian Roots!

Make long-lasting candles for your living room or bedroom with the Yaley Earth Wick Keeper. Each package contains six wood wicks and anchors in different sizes to be used with different candles. Plus, its wide, wooden wick produces a pleasing crackling sound as it burns. A handsome wooden lid doubles as a convenient base. Choose any Green Bean 100 soy candle in your favorite scent with our crackling & maintenance free Wood Wick. This listing is for ONE 8 oz. soy.

Woodwick Candles Testing With Natures Garden Woodwicks

wood wicks canada 3From food products to handcrafted wood pieces to linens, we have selected a range of products that represent the breadth of Canadian talent.

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