Wood Wicks For Candles Wholesale (DIY Project Download)

Choosing the right candle wick determines how your candles will burn. Our soft wood wicks offer the unique sounds of a wood burning fire as they crackle and pop while they burn. I have been fascinated with wood candle wicks since I first found out about them a couple years ago, but I had never ordered any to try until now. Buy WoodWick Candles and RibbonWick Candles at best prices. Welcome to WoodWickCandles.com, the home of the wooden wick candles that crackle when they burn.

wood wicks for candles wholesale 2We have searched high and low for a good wooden wick and all we could find was junk. That was until we came across this 2ply wood wicks from Unity. These original 2 ply wicks add a perfect elegance to your candle and with a fragrance load of between 6-8 you can create the sound of a gorgeous open fire. Wooden wicks typically have a smaller flame than standard cotton wicksSuitable for a small – medium jar. Making soy candles using wood wicks – after much testing I found when using wood wicks with soy wax you will need to use two wicks back to back, (double wick) in each container.

Co Wooden wick candle made with carefully developed original formula, providing beautiful scents, clean burning, and long lasting. In addition our natur. When burning wooden wicks emit soothing crackling and pleasant aroma. Our wooden wicks it is 100 environmentally friendly! Wooden wicks are made from trees grown in the United States, where are practicing reforestation.

Aztec Wooden Wicks

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White Tea Wooden Wick Candle