Wooden Ball Python Cage (DIY Project Download)

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The correct enclosure for a Ball Python must have a few characteristics. Ball python cage setup is fairly straightforward, once you understand a few concepts. The most popular substrates for ball pythons are newspaper, aspen wood shavings, cypress mulch, and a paper-based product called Carefresh bedding. The Majestic reptile cages are exceptionally elegant. These ball python cages come with an oak frame and clear acrylic panels. Custom wood, stains and other options are also available.

wooden ball python cage 2It seems to depend on each individual piece of wood. I only used 3 coats in my boa constrictor’s enclosure, but the ball’s enclosure really soaked it up so it took about 6 or so coats. However, if you have a ball python and live in the arid southwest, you may need to take some extra steps to ensure that your pets are healthy and happy. Unsealed wooden cages will have the same effect. Despite their modest length, ball pythons are heavy bodied snakes, and should be provided with an enclosure large enough for comfortable movement.

Reptile Ideas, Pet Care, Reptile Stands, Ball Pythons, Ideas Reptile, Animal. For peace of mind, you can put in a piece of wood between the two glass doors to prevent escape. Now I have a few other Ball Pythons and got taken to the cleaners by the Pet Store on things they don’t need. Step 6: Treat the wood. Treat the wood. Can’t say this enough. The inside of some reptile cages needs to have a certain amount of humidity.

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Ball Python (Python regius) Caresheet. Respiratory Infection (RI)I’ve owned a few hundred ball pythons over the past decade, and so far – knock on wood – I have never experienced a ball python with a respiratory infection in my collection. So a while back I built a custom 4′ x 2′ wooden enclosure to use with box turtles but I decided on getting a ball python instead. I am getting a. This ball python video shows you how to create a habitat for them. Ron, with the aid of his daughter Hillary, begins the tutorial on creating an iguana habitat, covering topics like enclosure choice, substrate concerns, background decoration, plants, and wood piece. 7 items needed for a ball python vivarium: A glass or plastic terrarium, flooring, a heat source, a thermostat & humidity gauge, a hide box & a water bowl. Cages: When choosing a cage for a Ball Python, remember how big it will eventually become. Sturdy wooden branches should be supplied so the snake can choose how close to the heat source it wants to be (but not so close it could burn itself). Housing: Many different enclosures work well for ball pythons, including plastic tub containers, melamine racks, or any of the commercially available glass aquariums made for reptiles.

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We make reptile enclosures in rack and cage form factors in PVC and wood. Our reptile enclosures come in every shape or size including arboreal setups, show displays, and custom builds. We are also the only authorized dealer of NERD line ball pythons. Ball Python. Some snake owners find it easier to feed their pet in a separate enclosure, free of bedding and furniture. Do not place the fixtures by dry wood or flammable fabrics. Enclosure: A new born ball python is usually kept in a small Rubbermaid or Sterilite container. I don’t recommend feeding snakes in their enclosures anyway, but if you decide to use a wood chips based substrate definitely do NOT feed you snake in its enclosure.