Wooden Burial Urns (DIY Project Download)

These individually hand-turned wooden urns are original pieces of art. Quantity: Handmade Black Walnut Funeral Cremation or Burial Wooden Urn. Wood Burial Urns – Hand-turned, original wooden cremation urns and wood burial urns for people or pets by Wyoming Wood Turner Sam Angelo, Worland Wyoming. Shop outside the big box, with unique items for wooden urn from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy.

wooden burial urns 2You may choose to bury a brass, wood or marble urn and these can be found in our navigation bar at the top left of the page. Find beautiful and unique burial urns for ashes at In the Light Urns. These elegant urns will securely hold ashes for burial, for long-term safekeeping, or for a ceremonial spreading of ashes. Great American Urn Company makes custom, wooden cremation urns that are biodegradable and are designed for a green-burial. Our segmented construction is a process that utilizes the least amount of wood possible, and all of our woods are obtained from environmentally friendly forestry practices no clear cutting of rain forests.

Great American Urn Company creates its works in two woodcrafting shops: Tryon, NC and Greer, SC. Our artists make beautifully, handcrafted wooden cremation urns with an eye for detail and elegance. Custom Made Burial Urns. Cremation urns made in the USA. Wooden urns for cremation ashes handmade in Devon finished in home made beeswax. The Dartmoor Wooden Urn range is hand made in Devon, England by a local craftsman who makes two designs of companion urns, three types of wooden urns for adult ashes including a natural burial urn, an urn for split ashes, an urn for token ashes and an exquisite wooden jewellery box with a hidden compartment for a token amount of ashes. Choose an urn suitable to the burial location and method. If you are burying the urn in a place where you are confident it will never be disturbed, a wood cremation urn is appropriate.

Burial Urns

wooden burial urns 3American Made – Artistic Wood Cremation Urns for Human and Pet Ashes. Proudly display as a unique memorial to your loved one. A cremated body may also be buried below ground, as with a traditional burial. Green-Wood offers a unique array of urn options, each of which may be personalized with an engraving to reflect a special message or statement commemorating your loved one. Some wooden urns can be specially engraved and designed to make good centerpieces on the mantle of a fireplace or a specially selected location in memory of your loved one. These urns can also be used for burial purposes. Made of non-toxic and natural materials such as Himalayan rock salt, handcrafted papers made from Mulberry bark, cornstarch, coconut shell, gelatin mixed with sand, and bamboo; many wooden cremation urns are also biodegradable; the material poses no threat to the environment. Biodegradable urns are suitable for a scattering or burial where the ashes need to be contained initially before dispersal. Wooden Urns offer a truly organic and natural encasement, which can feel warm and alive in a sense that makes a wooden urn of great appeal to many bereaved. This elegant, plain full-sized urn is perfect for engraving! Engrave directly into the wood or engrave on a matching small or large brass plaque (refer to photos for samples).

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An urn is a vase, ordinarily covered, that usually has a narrowed neck above a footed pedestal. In Classical terms, an urn is a large decorative covered container of wood, metal, pottery, etc. Funerary urns (also called cinerary urns and burial urns) have been used by many civilizations. After a person died, survivors cremated the body and collected the ashes in an urn.