Wooden Fascia Board Sizes (DIY Project Download)

I am going to be replacing the soffit and gutter fascia board this summer. I am assuming that items 1 and 3 are made of the same wood type, what type of wood should I use? The fascia and the rake board can be painted red cedar, but my choice would be LP SmartTrim. Fascia board is the sheets of wood attached to the ends of the rafters. If you can’t find fascia board at your local hardware or home improvement store, you can use plywood sheets cut to the proper dimensions. Install a new plywood soffit and PVC fascia board. The TUF board PVC fascia is attached to the 24 lookouts with 2-1/2 stainless steel exterior wood screws:.

wooden fascia board sizes 2If you have traditional wooden fascia boards on your eaves, then they will need maintenance at some time or another. When your fascia boards exhibit minor wood rot along the center of the boards, you can repair the damaged areas and avoid replacement. Purchase the right size lumber to replace your fascia boards. Shop Exterior Fascia Trim Boards,Band Board,Corner Board, Body Guard, Exterior Grade, Primed, Cedar, PVC Trim, Vinyl Siding, Miratec Trim Boards.

This is a repair for a dry day. Most fascia boards are 1-by-6-inch exterior-grade lumber, and after cutting yours to size, it’s a good idea to prime it and give it one coat of paint before reattaching it with screws, which are more reliable than nails. This will allow the bolt heads to be easily covered later with a fascia board if bolted through the rim joist. FASCIAS are the trim boards at the top of the outside walls of a house. Sloping fascias at the ends of a house or beneath a gable are called rake fascias, and horizontal fascias that cover the ends of rafters are called eaves fascias. Look for peeling paint, stains, crumbling wood and loose gutters. Take a piece of the old fascia to a lumberyard to obtain the correct size.

Eaves And Fascia Board Repair: How (not) To Fix Them

What is included in the Wooden Fascias, Soffits and Barge Boards (gable ends) Painting and Renovation work carried out by GW Property Group?. For different size houses or if you are unsure how your wooden fascias, soffits and barge boards should be calculated please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a free quotation:. Bought this PVC Trim to replace rotted wood trim on my chicken house. Rother Valley Timber Mouldings, Timber Merchants Wood and Timber Importers.

How To Repair Fascia Wood