Wooden Jump Box (DIY Project Download)

A rectangular box is good practice for keeping good form for a box jump. Jump. Anywhere wood will be touching wood put a thin line of Gorilla Wood Glue. This is the same versatile wood plyo box utilized in CrossFit Games competition. American-made, battle tested, and backed by a year-long warranty, this is a jump box built for safe, effective plyometric training at any skill level. All wood boxes are CNC cut to exact dimensions. Rogue Wood Plyoboxes. (and big) You will definitely be able to place your two feet on top during a jump.

wooden jump box 2DIY 3-in-1 WOOD PLYO BOX for 35! 3. Drill. 4. Jig Saw. 5. Wood Glue. 6. How to Build a Plyometric Jump Box – My Crazy Workout. See more about Crossfit, Crossfit Gym and Box Jumps. 3-In-1 Wood Plyo Box 20x24x30 Inch CrossFit MMA Plyometrics Jump Box Platform in Sporting Goods, Fitness, Running & Yoga, Fitness Equipment & Gear eBay.

The Casall jump wood box is specially designed for vigorous plyometric activities. It is perfect for increasing leg strength, explosiveness, speed and balance. Morgan Cross Functional Box 3 in 1 Foam Plyo Plyometric Jump Fitness Training. WOODEN PLYOMETRIC BOX 3 IN 1 PLYO BOX JUMPS FOR GYM AND FITNESS. DailyBurn plyo box is the perfect fitness equipment for box jumps, incline pushups, decline pushups, bent over rows and other plyometric exercises. Solid and sturdy, our boxes are made of wood and assembled in the USA.

Casall Hit Wood Jump Box

wooden jump box 3

Casall Hit Wood Jump Box