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Custom iguana cage, bearded dragon cage, reptile enclosure, custom wood reptile cages, snake cage, lizard cage, iguana cage, boa cage, python cage. Find great deals on eBay for Reptile Cage in Reptile Care Supplies. Shop with confidence. A reptile cage must do more than keep your reptile inside. Walls can be made of wood, glass, transparent thermoplastic, or coated wire mesh.

Designer and builder of high quality reptile enclosures and racks at affordable prices. We make reptile enclosures in rack and cage form factors in PVC and wood. Aquarium tanks: Good choice for keeping snakes under 6 feet, amphibians, turtles, and basically anything requiring a swimming pool or some humidity. It is a good idea to make the base of a wooden reptile cage from melamine and use Silicon to seal around the edges, to prevent moisture penetrating the melamine or plywood sheeting. DIY Wood Cage Build Guide – sSNAKESs: Reptile Forum.

The craftsmanship and alder wood cabinets are stunning! At Exotic Custom Cages we can help you design and build any reptile cage, terrarium, vivarium, or bird aviary you have in mind, or we can take over the entire process and design the entire enclosure for you. See more about Vivarium, Reptiles and Reptile Cage. Our extensive range of reptile enclosures includes desert and rainforest starter tanks, plastic and glass terrariums, turtle tanks and flexariums. All our reptile enclosures are made of excellent quality glass, wood or plastic to contain even the best escape artists.

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I am almost done with my custom wooden enclosure. it is painted and has silicone around the seems and edges but i was wondering if i need a sealant to. How To Sanitize Wood For Use In An Enclosure. Wood sanitation is an absolute necessity for all pieces that are collected from the outdoors for use in a reptile enclosure. NATURE CENTERS MUSEUMS ADOPTION CENTERS ZOOS BREEDERS EDUCATION CENTERS PET STORES VETERINARY HOSPITALS UNIVERSITIES HOME OFFICE SCHOOLS Showcase Cages has 26 years experience in cage design and manufacturing resulting in a premium line of State-of-the-Art Reptile Cages Jump to the Cage Features on this page Construction Tempered Glass Doors Five Colors Aluminum Tracks No Assembly Heat Pad Area Stacking Heat Pad Holder Alignment Slot Fluorescent Light Area Easy Cleaning To Cage Features Page 2. Fish tanks, wood cages, particle board, fiberboard, and melamine cages, use to be your only choice for your reptiles. Habitats: Cleaning and Disinfecting Reptile Cages Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, Drs. Iguanas & Other Lizards. Rinse the items, especially any wooden items, thoroughly with clean water to remove all the disinfectant. Plexiglass, treated wood, and wet towels have been used. The substrate, or bedding, that you use in your reptile enclosures can significantly effect the humidity in the cage. I’m planning on using OSB for part of my custom built enclosure, and I’ve been told it is best to seal the wood. What type of a sealant do I use?

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China Reptile Cages JT-12445 is supplied by Reptile Cages manufacturers, producers, suppliers on Global Sources. This Large wooden reptile cage once housed two Frilled Neck Lizards.