Wooden Painting Palette (DIY Project Download)

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Bring your paintings to life with help from this wooden palette. With a classic oval shape and lightweight design, this palette is just what every paint artist needs to keep paints at their fingertips. Find a great selection of artist palettes, folding art palettes, disposable painting palettes, cups and containers. Wooden artist palettes used for oil painting should be sealed before use. The first truly ergonomic hand-held palettes, feature a unique three-point design that reduces fatigue. The design significantly reduces shoulder, arm, and hand fatigue, allowing you to paint with ease.

wooden painting palette 2Offering innovative fine art materials. Selling handcrafted patent pending artist palettes & accessories. I’m not a big fan of working off a raw wooden palettes so I’m posting two classic palette preparation methods. While most professionally made palettes are beautifully shaped many are coated in polyurethane. Back in my youth, when it was against the law to paint in a classical manner, anyone using a hand-held wooden palette would be banished from the studio.

A wooden palette should be coated with linseed oil and wiped dry before its daily use. After the palette has been cleaned at the end of a session it should be coated with linseed oil and wiped dry again. A painting tip explaining the advantage of using a brown wooden palette when painting with oils. Turtlewood Palettes are artist palettes made for the dedicated professional oil painter artist.

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wooden painting palette 3Shop outside the big box, with unique items for artist palette from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy. Classic Artist Palette – Wooden Oval with Thumb Hole – Paint Mixing Board. Make painting easier and faster by keeping your oil palette in great condition. From basic plastic to ergonomically designed wood palettes (works of art themselves), there are many styles of palettes available for oil painting. For oil painting, I like to use a wooden arm palette. I’ve found that the best preparation is a method traditionally used in woodworking called French polishing. (New wooden palettes need to be oiled well with Linseed oil to prepare them for use). Acrylic and plastic palettes are easy to clean, the oil paint can be scraped off using a palette knife and the surface wiped. Handcrafted by Scott Tincher out of beautiful cedar, this artistically inclined palette bears an engraved words of wisdom artists of all levels can appreciate. This oval Simply Wooden Palette artist’s palette is a must-have item for the acrylic, watercolor and oil painter. Traditionally shaped for right- or left-hand use, the palette cleans easily and is very durable.


Greetings all. I’m sorta new to Oil Painting and wan’t to know about treating a wooden palette. I’ve heard of just rubbing a few layers of linseed oil on it. I would be inclined to paint it with a few layers of varnish, but having never used a wood palette. I prefer to use a large sheet of baking paper ( I can bin it when done ). So – how do yo prep a wooden palette (if you use one, that is)? I now paint palettes with a mid-tone neutral grey, and then coat them with a layer of shellac. See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Wooden Art Palettes collection.