Wooden Pallet Dimension (DIY Project Download)

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Pallet dimensions affect how much freight will fit on a given truck, which factors into your shipping costs. Stringer pallets are built with 2 x 4 wood, plastic or metal stringers. Used UK standard sized wooden pallets, We can deliver & collect used wooden pallets. The standard size UK is 1200 x 1000mm and is available in a number of pallet types and weight bearing capacities. In North America, the standard pallet size is 40 x 48 (W X L). Wooden pallets are typically made of three or four wooden stingers supporting several deck-boards.

wooden pallet dimension 2Yes, I’ve searched. Also, I don’t mean what are the dimensions of the pallets in general, I mean the wooden planks they’re made of. Wooden Pallet Plastic Pallet Steel Pallet Euro Pallet Lable Standard:. With millions of pallets used worldwide, the pallet industry has clear specifications and requirements governing the manufacturing and distribution of wood pallets.

Download the renderings of common pallets sizes below, or send us your specifications in the contact us form to the right. Collar, collapsible wooden container or bin which transforms a pallet into a box. All dimensions are based on sizes at the time of manufacture. Watch here the ideas of Wooden Pallet Dimensions & Size. A measurable extent of some kind, such as length, breadth, depth, or height is called DIY Pallet Dimensions.

What Are The Dimensions Of Pallet Wood?

wooden pallet dimension 3Besides wooden pallets, we also offer plastic pallets which are highly durable and provides better hygiene considerations. The common pallet size is our most requested size, but we do manufacture several different pallet dimensions depending on customers needs.

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