Wooden Plyo Boxes (DIY Project Download)

All wood boxes are CNC cut to exact dimensions. Assembly is a breeze using the provided hardware. Find the crossfit games Plyoboxes at Rogue. Shop RAGE Wood Cube Plyo Box at DICK’S Sporting Goods. Find more information and get customer ratings and reviews today. If you need to assemble a wooden plyo box from Sportsmith, watch our instructional video showing you exactly how to put together the pre-cut pieces in order to build your plyo box.

wooden plyo boxes  2The 3 in 1 Plyometric Box is a versatile plyo box that will be able to help you grow through your training regime. The MuscleDriver USA 3-in-1 plyo box offers three sizes of plyo boxes for the price of one. This plyo box is solid on all 6 sides and is 20 inch x 24 inch x 30 inch. Has anyone padded their wooden plyo box to reduce risk of shin injury? Got injured, looking to pad it with spare floor tiles – open to better ideas or suggestions of suitable glue: homegym (redd.

3-in-1 Wooden Plyometric Box

wooden plyo boxes  3