Wooden Sleepers For Gardens (DIY Project Download)

Buy great products from our Garden Sleepers & Raised Bed Kits Category online at Wickes. Wickes Shaped Garden Sleeper 1.8m Natural Timber. How to use garden sleepers in the garden design and the landscape of the garden? Are they safe or dangerous to human health? The use of railway sleepers. Railway sleepers – UK Sleepers are the leading supplier of railway sleepers, new and reclaimed sleepers for your garden or home. UK railway sleepers to reclaimed railwaysleepers in tropical hardwood that will probably last forever. The list of uses for railway sleepers is endless, from raised beds for either flowers or vegetables (using either creosote treated or completely untreated reclaimed sleepers) through to steps and even garden furniture.

wooden sleepers for gardens 2Timber sleepers define garden bed borders to keep out unwanted traffic, but use them cautiously around edible plants to avoid potential contamination from wood preservation chemicals. New Treated Timber Sleepers 100x200mm x2.4m. Ideal for raised beds and garden landscaping unlike reclaimed sleepers these will not leave tar all over your clothes. Houzz.com – Railway Sleepers Garden design ideas and photos.

Quality Timber Sleepers are great for landscaping, flower beds and all types of garden projects. Railway sleepers are an enormously popular garden building material. They look absolutely beautiful, they’re rugged, they last more or less forever when properly maintained and they play a part in all sorts of creations from garden steps to raised beds to basic garden furniture. Railroad ties are traditionally made of wood, but pre-stressed concrete is now also widely used, especially in Europe and Asia. In Germany, use of wooden railroad ties as building material (namely in gardens, houses and in all places where regular contact to human skin would be likely, in all areas frequented by children and in all areas associated with the production or handling of food in any way) has been prohibited by law since 1991 because they pose a significant risk to health and environment.

How To Use Timber Sleepers For Garden Beds

wooden sleepers for gardens 3Buy Railway Sleepers UK from the LARGEST STOCKIST. Get Grade A quality reclaimed & new timber UK sleepers delivered today. So whether you’re planning to arrange some garden edging or building a huge piece of furniture with them, softwood railway sleepers are the timber material of choice. Lawsons stocks a range of sleepers, including hardwood, in a variety of colours so that you have exactly what you need for your project. Our customers have bought garden sleepers for landscaping projects, building garden steps, creating garden paths, designing outdoor furniture, setting garden paths, building fireplaces, stacking benches, putting together table tops, or even just for door lintels. ACE RECLAMATION LTD Sleepers Hardwood Treated Pine Sleepers At. – Bunnings Railway Sleepers in Garden Patio, Landscaping Garden Materials, Railway Sleepers eBay Deadly railway sleepers? Myths about railway. Before we do any cutting or drilling, we need to determine where the wooden beams will be laid on the ground, and how long they need to be. Extension piece joining two full length sleepers on a long garden bed. We have a great range of Garden Sleepers available for delivery or collection. Choose from softwood, hardwood, brand new and used railway sleepers which are ideal for creating walls, steps or pond surrounds.

Timber Sleepers

However, wooden sleepers are popular as they are sturdy and strong and give gardens an attractive, rustic look. They are also used by landscape gardeners to create steps and terraces. Discover all the information about the product Garden curb ramp / sidewalk / stained wood RAILWAY SLEEPER KERB – FINSA and find where you can buy it. Building retaining walls from timber sleepers is a really cost effective and environmentally friendly way of creating different levels in your garden. Golden Cypress is the natural choice for garden sleepers – a high quality and sustainable option (unlike redgum, cypress pine or ironbark) that looks great.

We cut our own softwood railway sleepers and hardwood railway sleepers, both treated and untreated, according to customer requirements.