Wooden Spokeshave Blades (DIY Project Download)

Also wooden spokeshave and travisher kits and spare blades. Wooden spokeshaves predate the cast metal ones by centuries and more if you delve into the histories of ancient worlds. Progressing a cut into the wood can be subjected to pressures that act like a wedge between the spokeshave blade and the body if the spokeshave. Your spokeshave needs a new blade from Hock Tools! Spokeshave Blades. Spokeshave Blades. And for the Hand-Made Wooden Spokeshave:High Carbon Steel.

wooden spokeshave blades 2New DS versions: Blade or cutter adjustments are made via Allen screws that are accessed on the top-side of the shave. Loosen both brass retaining nuts slightly. Shop for used Wooden Spokeshaves, we often stock beech and boxwood spokeshave from popular tool makers like Sorby and Wm. Boxwood spokeshave with brass thumb blade adjusters. AN EARLY PRESTON FLAT BOTTOM SPOKESHAVE With Adjustable blade.

It is also possible to make one’s own wooden spokeshave. The blades we are here offering are used on the courses on making spokeshaves run by John Guntermann und Dave Wachniki. Up to now I’ve never owned a wooden spokeshave. Finally with a wooden shave the blade angle is really really low and cutting end-grain is a snap. Veritas Hardware Kits for Wooden Spokeshaves from Lee Valley Tools. Each kit includes an A2 steel blade, a brass wear strip, two brass lock nuts and adjustment thumb wheels, a tap, and complete instructions.

Dave’s Shaves Wooden Spokeshaves Sharpening Tips

The following instructions describe in detail how to make one particular spokeshave. Aside from the specifications on fitting the blade and sole, the size and shape of the handles may be changed to suit your preference. This means that the blade of the wooden spokeshave is at a lower angle to the workpiece. The blades are adjustable, like the metal version and are moved using the screws. Plenty to be said for a wooden spokeshave alright. Getting them to work is easy, the trick is making them attractive. But first, it happened I didn’t have a good spokeshave blade to start with. Drat! Well I had some old used and abused blade stock laying around. Hock Wooden Spokeshave Blade, Chair Making Tools sold at Highland Woodworking. Now you can have the pleasure of making you own wooden spokeshaves with Ron Hock’s high carbon tool steel spokeshave blades. The blades have two threaded posts and brass nuts to provide a means to adjust the depth of cut. Hi, out of curiosity, I recently bought a wooden spokeshave off ebay. Are the blades of all wooden spokeshaves configured the same way?

Constructing Your Own Plane Or Spokeshave: Blades And Kits

Find great deals on eBay for Spokeshave Blade in Woodworking Planes. 9Adjustable Wood Craft Metal Blade Spoke Shave Plane Woodworking Hand Tool. Hock Replacement blades for metal spokeshaves (Type 151) – cryogenically treated A2 bladesPerhaps the most dramatic improvement can be realised by accurizing and tuning your Spokeshave. SP044: High Carbon 2 Wooden Spokeshave Blade 33.50.