Wooden Spokeshave Plans (DIY Project Download)

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Up to now I’ve never owned a wooden spokeshave. When Ron Hock comes Brooklyn next week I plan to show it off to him, and if you come to his event at Makeville Studios on October 25th you can inspect mine, and if you want you can sign up for a kit building session yourself with the master to guide you through it. The following pictures and comments describe in more detail how a wooden spokeshave can be made from a kit. The kit contains a steel blade, two screw posts, two adjustment thumb wheels, two lock nu. Start with a block of wood approximately 1 by 1 1/4 by 11. The cutting edge of the wooden spokeshave is sharpened to the profile of a chisel.

wooden spokeshave plans 2Wooden Spokeshave Kits from Veritas Tools. Project Plans Folding Table Plan Adirondack Plus Porch Seat, Rocker or Swing Plan Traditional English Shaving Horse Plan Tool Chest Plan Rolling Cabinet Plan Silverware Chest Plan Hanging Tool Cabinet Plan Adirondack Plus Plans Adirondack Plus Folding Chair Plan Bench Plan and Kit. There are plans available on this site for making your own plane if you so wish, for which these blades would be ideal. It is also possible to make one’s own wooden spokeshave. Shop for used Wooden Spokeshaves, we often stock beech and boxwood spokeshave from popular tool makers like Sorby and Wm.Marples.

In a wooden bodied spokeshave the thickness of the shaving is determined then by setting blade deeper than the wooden body so as to form a step-like presentation to the wood. I have always been extremely happy with my wooden spokeshaves, but am planning now to take my dad’s iron spokeshave out of his toolbox, tune it up and try it. Hock Tools’ kits for wooden planes and spokeshaves make the job easy. We’ve done all the precision milling of bubinga and beech. The Top 10 Woodworking Projects: Complete plans for 10 great DIY projects. Make this tool in your workshop using scrap wood and a piece of tool steel. By John Wilson Pages: 60-65 From the October 2007 issue 164 Buy this issue now If you have been reading these pages during the past few years, you have been introduced to the traditional spokeshave.

In Defense Of Wooden Spokeshaves And Veritas Spokeshaves Too

Traditional wooden spokeshaves are still widely used today, even though adjusting the depth of cut on them can be tricky. The components of this kit let you make a spokeshave that incorporates a traditional design with hardware components that will produce a simple, effective depth of cut adjustment that requires neither extra tools nor blade removal. A typical spokeshave is either a light bevel-up design with a cutting angle of 25 degrees or a bevel-down metal shave with a 40 degree angle and a thin blade, fine for shaving chair spindles in straight-grained air-dried stock, but not great for cabinetmaking. Unlike a wooden hand plane the grain direction is in its width so that the compression of the wedge tends to split the timber over time. Plenty to be said for a wooden spokeshave alright. Since I wasn’t planning on much cooperage in my future I lengthened the handles with rosewood tips, open morticed on. Free Wooden Jack Plane Plans – 18th Century Style. So in my continuing effort to confound people as to how I make my living giving everything I know away in my spare time here is more plans t. Spokeshave kit with Hock blade and depth-adjusting grub screws already fitted. Shape the body to give high quality tool. Alternative plans for ejecting shavings for wooden spokeshave kits. Specifically designed handcrafted wooden spokeshaves and services for chairmakers and woodworkers.

In Defense Of Wooden Spokeshaves And Veritas Spokeshaves Too

The spokeshave looks somewhat like a drawknife, but performs more like a hand plane. If you plan on adding a piece of harder wood as a wear strip ahead of the blade, cut a mortise for this piece now and glue it in place. I have a desire to make a few wooden spokeshaves. I have accumulated a few different plans that I will try to use, either in combination or if they work well for me straight from the plan. Kit for building a wooden spokeshave, sold by Highland Woodworking.