Wooden Squat Cage (DIY Project Download)

I ran across this homemade one in a forum and I had to share this with you. This is by far the BEST homemade power rack I’ve seen, along with very detailed plans on how to build it. If you don’t have the funds to get the Elite FTS Collegiate Power Rack check out this good looking homemade power rack built by a redditor. I squat monster weight and don’t want it to shatter the wood, Bro.

wooden squat cage 2Plus being that they’re bumper plates and I have a platform, I squat outside of the rack. I had a silimilar concern when i saw the rack made of wood. It’s more like a portable power rack at this point. Wood Glue – You may be able to argue this one as optional but it certainly doesn’t hurt. I want to build a custom power rack to safely perform heavy barbell exercises in my home. Commercial racks are too tall for my basement.

Many years ago, I was searching for designs or plans that would allow me to build a homemade squat rack. After building myself a couple of wooden squat stands, I was hoping to build safety squat racks for self-spotting weightlifting exercises. Has anyone ever tried/seen one of these? And do you think it would be safe? I was looking to expand my gym equipment when i found out how much a regular squat rack would cost me. First thing i had to do was to cut the wooden beams at the exact dimensions and angles.

I Made A Squat Rack And Lifting Platform For Under Frugal Fitness At Its Finest

If an individual builds a homemade power rack without having sufficient knowledge of structural engineering, they may find themselves in a precarious situation where their rack does not hold the weight that they thought it would. My gym only has one squat rack and it’s usually covered up with people waiting on it. I’ve seen a lot of other homemade squat rigs as well. Homemade Squat Rack Reviews in 2015. Again and again, people repeat exercise is extremely important for health. These best homemade squat racks are listed and reviewed for your suggestions. Oddly enough, I’d feel safer in a wooden power rack made of sistered 2x6s than I would in a welded metal one fashioned from bed frames.

Homemade Adjustable Squat Safety Rack Part 1