Woodmizer Lt15 Owners Manual (DIY Project Download)

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Power Feed Upgrade your LT15’s manual crank to 12V Power Feed. The LT15 manual sawmill is an overachiever in its class and has produced more than 2.5 times its published board foot per hour rate in competitive events. For rue production sawmills, Woodmizer stands out as a leader in the industry, cutting timber and lumber quickly, efficiently and accurately. In the manual sawmill market there is more competition, which translates into higher quality and lower price across the market. The crank feed system on the LT 15 and LT 28 sawmills is an unnecessary feature. Cheap Timber Prices For Portable Sawmill Owners.

woodmizer lt15 owners manual 2I recently purchased a woodmizer LT15 and a user manual would be useful had a look on their site cant find a pdf. Any ideas. So if you are not a happy Turner owner, you know who to complain to. Here’s a picture of the one I had. I had an old manual mill with manual toe adjustment with a great clamping system. That is how I used to do it with my Wood-Mizer LT15. The LT10 up here is for arguements sake 3k,the LT 15 6k and the ML 26 4K. I bought my Norwood ML26 new and a Norwood sharpener used, had one hell of a time trying to get a manual for my sharpener, Norwood finally co-operated and sent me a partial manual from the LM24 owners manual, when I asked when people buy a brandnew sharpener from you do they not get a manual with it???.

I see that TimberKing has a model with a manual (crank operated) log turner. Does anyone know if the hand crank method is easy or not? Let’s assume I have a log about 30 in diameter. Just curious if I have any Wood-Mizer brethren in da house. I’ve got a Woodmizer LT-30 manual saw. I see yours is the hydraulic model and wondering if you’ve ever used a Woodmizer without hydraulics? The hydraulic log turner is a real labor saver not to mention your back too. Yes, I thought about buying an LT15 but really needed the tax write off that year. Of course, in the subsequent bad economy years I could have really used the money. Or is manual a viable way to go for small operation? I have a mx 34 it was my first mill then I bought a b20 timberking and now I have purchased a new lt15 wood mizer If any one is thinking of buying a mx 34 please email me and I will give you some info from experience with the 3 mills and a comparison. But then, the owner puts the machine together and sets it up, so I can’t say.

Need A Manual For Wm Lt15

woodmizer lt15 owners manual 3The Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill is a compact, economical and reliable timber processing solution that is popular around the world for its quality, wide capabilities, and affordability.

Manual Mill Owners, How Do You Turn Your Logs?