Working Desk Cannon (DIY Project Download)

Whether you proudly display your cannon on your desk at the office or shoot targets every weekend, Mini Cannon Tech model cannons are built to last a lifetime. The mini cannon to end all mini cannons! These precision machined, muzzle loading, black powder beauties pack quite a punch (and are quite loud too)! People might consider your scissors or stapler possibly the most dangerous item on your desk at work but what if you got a 2-inch muzzle-loading desk cannon then you are adding real firepower to your arsenal.

working desk cannon 2Pocket Artillery Mini Cannon: A working desktop cannon complete with fuse and bb’s. Great for annoying co-workers. See more about Pockets and Minis. Have some real cannon warfare with your office mates with these fully functional tiny cannons. Firing deadly tiny.177′ cannon balls, these mini cannons pack a. Coworking and hot desking space available in i2 Office’s fantastic facility at Cannon Street.

For this desktop cannon you will need to have: A pen( the kind that is in the photo) A lighter to use to melt a hole in the glue-stick A few paper clips A hack saw or some sort of tool to cut the glue. A tiny brass artillery cannon uses its impressive firepower to tear through its targets in an amazing viral video. View: Desktop; Mobile. This is a real working Mini Desktop Cannon Pocket Artillery aka Pocket Cannon. It’s not a toy so be careful. These precision machined, muzzle loading, black powder beauties pack quite a punch (and are quite loud too)! The bore is so precise that wadding is unnecessary and more boom and velocity can.

Pocket Artillery Mini Cannon: A Working Desktop Cannon Complete With Fuse And Bb’s. Great For Annoying Co-workers

A Raspberry Pi Controlled Office Cannon Example project, using the GoPiGo robot. Build an office enforcer USB controlled cannon. But if you happen to be out of work right now, cheer up. USB Missile Launcher Using mouse and keyboard controls, you can command this USB-powered piece of desktop artillery to lay down foam dart ordinance on targets up to 25 feet away. Cannon Desk & Equipment Wipes contain the spread of bacteria and help maintain a healthy working environment. This in turn helps to reduce work place infections, reduce absenteeism and increases productivity. The Cannon House Office Building, completed in 1908, is the oldest congressional office building as well as a significant example of the Beaux Arts style of architecture. Before this time some committee chairmen used their committee room as an office, but most members worked at their desk in the House Chamber. All of a sudden that fun office party turns into a hospital run cause Dottie took a BB in the hand. This, unbelievably, is exactly what the name suggests, a mini desktop cannon that fires standard BBs. And, it’s pretty damn cool. You really need to watch the video to see it in action.

Desktop Office Cannon

Reviews from Cannon Hygiene employees about Cannon Hygiene culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. There was nothing hard about the job and I would always clear my desk of any outstanding paperwork or anything else that needed doing by five o’clock. With this USB-powered desktop sniper rifle you’ll never miss another deadline again because of idle chit-chat and other distractions from your co-workers. BBs perfect for annoying, harassing, or intimidating your office neighbors. Co-Work is an alternative to traditional serviced or home offices. Suited to individuals and small businesses, we offer first class desk space in great locations. Vintage metal cannon portable lamp gooseneck desk work lightissue 34455. 170977988843.