Worm Bedding (DIY Project Download)

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Composting worms need moist bedding in order to survive. Almost any carbon source can be used as worm bin bedding, but some worm bedding material works better than others. Prepare bedding for the worms by shredding Newspaper into 1 inch strips. Worms need bedding that is moist but not soggy. Of all the ingredients and materials necessary for the indoor culturing of red worms, bedding, which is one of the most important, is also quite possibly the most often neglected.

worm bedding  2Once your bin has reached that point, it’s time to harvest the worm castings and give your worms new bedding. Castings can be harvested anywhere from two and a half months to every six months, depending on how many worms you have and how much food you’re giving them. Wait a week, then add vegetable scraps, dead leaves and grass clippings to the bin as food for the worms. Replace the lid. Check the worms and bedding periodically, adding more paper bedding and food when most of the paper and plant scraps have disappeared, ensuring their environment is damp but not soaking wet. Bins need to be shallow because the worms feed in the top layers of the bedding. A bin that is too deep is not as efficient and could potentially become an odor problem.

You can make a worm bed to either raise worms as fishing bait or to raise worms to compost kitchen scraps. Cut or tear newspaper into 1 (2.5 cm) strips for the worm bedding. He produces 35,000 pounds a month at Sonoma Valley Worm Farm. Each of the beds are 80 feet long and measure five feet across. The materials needed to start a worm bin are simple and inexpensive. Bedding. The most readily available material for use as earthworm bedding is peat moss.

Worm Composting: A Beginner’s Guide

worm bedding  3The worms are kept in a bin with shredded paper or other biodegradable bedding. You feed them food waste. They digest the waste and bedding then excrete nutrient-rich castings. The goal of the bedding is to keep the food scraps aerated and oxygen rich, and to absorb extra moisture. A different set of microbes live in this oxygenless environment, and your worms will die. Buy Magic Worm Farm with Bedding/Food 1000 at Walmart.com. Bedding is the non-food portion of what goes into your worm compost bin. A number of different materials can be used for bedding, including shredded newspaper, peat moss, animal manure (not dog or cat), leaf mold,.

3 Ways To Make A Worm Bed