Worm Farm Bedding (DIY Project Download)

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Some examples of good quality worm bin bedding – ideally the newsprint would be 100 black and white though I recently wrote an issue of the newsletter. IMPORTANT these bedding materials are in terms of keeping the worms healthy and your system operating efficiently. Bedding has a huge impact upon how quickly worms grow and ultimately upon the maximum size that they will obtain. Also it plays an important role in reproduction rates and has a practical impact upon the manageability of a worm system. Composting worms need moist bedding in order to survive. Almost any carbon source can be used as worm bin bedding, but some worm bedding material works better than others. Half Finished Pile Compost can also be used as worm farm bedding. If you have an outdoor hot compost pile already then this is another free option.

worm farm bedding 2Once you have worms and a bin, follow these six easy steps to set up a worm bin. Instead of soil, composting red worms live in moist newspaper bedding. He produces 35,000 pounds a month at Sonoma Valley Worm Farm. Learn to make worm bedding for every type of worm free!

Find out exactly how easy it is to start up your worm farm the right way. We show you how to set up a home worm composting system. Often you can find a package deal including bedding and worms. Of course the down side of store bought bins is the cost when compared to a homemade bin. Carbohydrates for worms come from carbon-based bedding materials. Most of them are easily captured by placing a sheet of corrugated cardboard next to the worm farm on the ground. How to Make Backyard and Basement Worm Farms. This article is aimed at those who are serious about using the backyard or basement area of their home to raise fish bait for your own use, or for profit, and for the fun of watching something. Mix your bedding together; just about anything organic works. If you have access to a paper shredder, you are half there already.

Six Easy Steps To Setting Up A Worm Bin

The worm bedding is where the worms live, it is usually just a damp layer of coconut coir, but you can use other materials such as damp shredded newspaper, or well-aged compost or manure. The stackable VermiHut worm compost bin allows food scrap to be fed into the bottom tray with compost worms and bedding. As the worms finish digesting, they will migrate upward into the tray above, leaving rich castings behind. Coco coir is a by-product of the coconut industry, coming from the husks of coconuts after a harvest, and is an ecologically responsible choice of starting bedding material for your worms from The Worm Farm. Aged horse manure is the best natural bedding and habitat for composting worms. I have a small farm and children’s petting zoo within a 5-minute walk from my house. Worm farming is particularly useful for people who would like to compost their food scraps but do not have space for a backyard compost bin. WHAT IS VERMICOMPOSTING/WORM FARMING? Something to keep the worms in; A tray to collect excess moisture; Bedding material; Food; Worms.

Worm Farm Facts

Instead, a thick layer of bedding is added on top and the tray above is used for adding organic material. Can i use sawdust(wood shavings) as bedding and feed my worm soybean dregs(lees) + banana leaf that has been shatter? From day one to day four.