Yale Digital Door Lock Ydm 3107 (DIY Project Download)

View all Yale locks including door locks, padlocks, digital door locks, safes, alarms, latch locks with knobs, door handles and more. Wrong-try lock out delay (Numeric Keypad) Battery powered (Batteries included). Yale Digital Door Lock – YDM 3107. Up to 20 users (Proximity Card) Proximity card identification Easy registration of cards Missing card invalidation Mechanical override keys included Break-in, damage and egress alarm Automatic or manual locking function Secure shock resistant electronics Heat sensor Low battery power and malfunction alert feature Emergency access power supply Wrong-try lock out delay (Numeric Keypad) Battery powered (Batteries included). YALE YDM 3107 PROXIMITY CARD DIGITAL DOOR LOCK 4 X CARD TOUCH PAD – MORTICE in eBay.

digital door lock for upvc door 2Proximity Digital Mortise Door Lock. Model: YDM 3107. GROUP BUY FOR YALE DIGITAL DOOR LOCKS. For those you are keen, Just add ur names + model in d list & PM your contacts by 31 may MONDAY noon. 7. from another forum YDM 3107 INSTALLED. 8. from another forum YDM 4109. Digital door lock – Ydm 3107 – Yale digital door lock – Secure Your Home, Combination.

RFID Door Access Card. Digital door locks using ISO14443 cards:Gateman Model – Gateman MX540, Gateman Tugu, Gateman Glass, Gateman Smart, etc. Yale Model – YDM 3109, YDR 3110, YDM 3107, YDM 3106, YDR 3110, YDR 3108, etc.

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