Yellow Jinjo Click Clock Wood (DIY Project Download)

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Jiggy collected upon finding all the Jinjos in Click Clock Wood. During Summer: In the corner to the left after entering, the Yellow Jinjo is hiding in the grass. Well my friend is, he’s been playing offline and quitting mid level and only needs these 4 for all 900 notes. I personally checked everywhere for them with the official Nintendo Power guide (old) and a new gamefaqs one. I’m missing 4 notes in Click Clock Wood! Do you know where they might be? A: A lot of people ask this question, and the answer is simple. The 4 notes most people have trouble with are on the log cabin in winter.

banjo kazooie click clock wood plant 2How do you open the doors in Click Clock Woods? Fun, completed the Gruntilda puzzle and gotten 882 or more notes, you’ll get to open a door near Dingpot. There are 900 musical notes out there in the world of Banjo-Kazooie. Real gamers collect them all. 100 notes on Click clock was an absolute bitch. The last thing between me and my brother from full completion was 4 notes on Click Clock Woods.

72 notes 3. all the honeycomb pieces 4. 40 mumbo tokens The difference between the two runs isn’t the size as the difference between 100 and any in, say, Mario 64, but I feel I could keep the times (and the actual runs) significantly different enough to account for an additional run.

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