Youtube How To Play Cigar Box Guitar (DIY Project Download)

How to Play a 3 String Cigar Box Guitar: 7 Steps (with Pictures). wikiHow. Learn to Play the Blues on 3-String Cigar Box Guitar- Part One – YouTube. The licks in this intro represent the foundation of his playing and countless players after him. They can be played on a 3 string although you do have to have your slide working well. Youtube video:.

youtube how to play cigar box guitar 2Here you’ll find most of the videos from my Youtube channel (when I get around to adding them all). Use the tags and the filtering options to find what you’re after. JPG For those of you asking about HOW to play a cigar box guitar, my buddy Shane Speal has a load of YouTube tutorials. Please have a look/listen/learn. Posts about Cigar Box Guitar written by rootsmusicschool.

Mike Snowden is a guitarist, singer-songwriter, and cigar box guitar craftsman. He is a leading figure in the recent resurgence of interest in cigar box guitars. After seeing a video on the Internet of someone playing a cigar box guitar, he was intrigued. His YouTube videos of original music and instructional videos have amassed a total of over 800,000 views; the most popular is Chicken Coop Blues, which has over 225,000 views.

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